Looking for something new and exciting to eat?
Something that will wake up your tastebuds?

Well look no further. You've just found the newest, tastiest and funnest thing to eat. Not only that, but it looks GREAT!

They’re called Tornado Fries® and once you try them... You're hooked.

So... You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is a Tornado Fry?"

A Tornado Fry is our own creation made by hand selecting the freshest Idaho russet potatoes, cutting them in to a one-piece thin spiral on an 18 or 26 inch skewer, cooking them in 100% canola oil until they are crispy outside and tender inside and seasoning them to perfection.

They're easy to carry, delicious and fun to eat.

Perhaps you’re feeling really hungy and need desert or your taste buds are going rampant. Try our deep-fried deserts. Snickers, Almond Snickers, Milkyways or Cheesecake Brownies. Hot, sticky and on a stick they will all have you coming back for more.

There's been alot of BUZZ about Tornado Fries ® lately and we've been in the news in multiple countries.